RSS is an remote area specialist in event safety and medical services, specialising in providing safety, medical professionals and training services for the following organisations or events;

  • Large Scale Community Entertainment Events
  • School & Club Sporting Carnivals
  • Wilderness events and competitions
  • Remote area work sites
  • High Risk Work Sites
  • Remote Film and Broadcast Location
  • Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Activities
  • Motor Sports

Our team comprises of a range of highly skilled and experienced professionals. RSS response personnel are experts in their industry sectors and are highly proficient in their skill sets.  RSS response personnel all have diverse operational backgrounds, including:

  • Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
  • Ambulance Paramedic (SAR)
  • Fire and Rescue Technicians
  • Ski Patrol and Mountain Rescue
  • Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Management
  • Aviation Rescue
  • Law Enforcement

Service You Can Count On

Our advantages

  • Remote Safety Solutions provides its clients with a holistic approach to remote area safety with risk and compliance, event safety & medical, first aid & emergency training along with equipment procurement services.
  • Mobile Flexibility, Remote Safety Solutions office is also your office. We take our services to you.
  • Our company is a young, vibrant company. The staff are all highly qualified and dedicated to providing the best possible service to the client. They all have considerable experience in area of expertise.
  • While in the field our staff utilise the latest technologies and equipment which ensuring that our event medical and emergency training services are backed with trusted and reliable equipment