RSS is an remote area event safety, event first aid and medical services specialist, RSS can provide safety and medical professionals for the following events:

  • School & Club Sporting Carnivals
  • Wilderness events and competitions
  • Remote area work sites
  • High Risk Work Sites
  • Remote Film and Broadcast Location
  • Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Activities
  • Motor Sports

RSS provides a complete safety system to our clients to ensure that a holistic approach is taken to providing on site safety and medical services.   We actively monitor threats and hazards to assist in preventing incidents occurring in the first place and are prepared to respond to incidents when they occur.

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RSS Response Personnel

Our team comprises a range of highly skilled and experienced professionals. RSS response personnel are considered experts in their industry sectors and are highly proficient in their skill sets.  RSS response personnel have diverse operational backgrounds, including:

  • Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care
  • Ambulance Paramedic (SAR)
  • Fire and Rescue Technicians
  • Ski Patrol and Mountain Rescue
  • Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Management
  • Aviation Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
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Our Specialists

RSS can provide a range of specialised services to assist in managing your event or providing first aid, which can be offered as standalone services or in combination to best meet operational requirements, including

  • First Responders – For first aid command post and field response teams. RSS First Responders are trained in
    • Advance First Aid
    • Remote Area First Aid
    • Advance Airway Management
    • Defibrillation
    • Asthma and anaphylaxis treatment protocols.
  • Specialist Medical Personnel – For specialist requirements, RSS utilises a number of registered emergency personnel such as nurses, doctors and paramedics.
  • Rescue Technicians – For events where there are concerns of person becoming trapped or entangled, RSS utilises professional fire and rescue personnel. Current events and worksites where RSS deploys such personnel includes off-road motorsports and vertical roping situations.
  • Aviation Rescue – RSS can deploy an aviation specialist team for remote events and competitions to assist in the evacuation of participants. We currently offer this service for multi-day endurance events and remote high-risk worksites.
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