RSS Is Committed To Provide Its Clients With A Holistic Approach To Event Safety, Medical and Training Services.

We’re a company that prides ourselves on the fact that we integrate our services and personnel directly into your event or organisation weather it be for a training program or event. Being flexible in how we do this, is paramount to our success in working with a range of clients.

For event safety and medical clients we work in unison to provide a common goal, which is to ensuring your clients, employees and competitors are being cared for by an ingrained safety systems and treated by appropriately qualified and registered medical / safety personnel.

When contracting RSS to assist in providing medical / safety services you are engaging a company that don’t just turn up on the day and administer a few bandaids and head home as soon as the events over, but a service that is engaged from the planning and preparation stage right through to the completion including the review and event wrap up.

Our training team designs and delivers customised courses around Australia geared towards creating a safer and more skilled personnel both in the industry and recreation sectors. All are courses are highly interactive, hands-on and engaging making them a must do. We training as you work, meaning your venue is the best location for us to deliver our training courses and packages.

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