PMAOHS214B Undertake Helicopter Safety and Escape

In an emergency scenario, a person traveling by helicopter to an offshore facility may have to exit the aircraft under abnormal conditions. This course is vital to increase survivability rates in the event of a unforeseen emergency ditching

This unit of competency, PMAOHS214B Undertake Helicopter Safety and Escape, (HUET training) is designed to improve the chance of an individual surviving a helicopter incident at sea through the application of thorough pre-flight preparation, the correct use of safety equipment, and appropriate helicopter safety techniques.

This unit of competency would be applied to all persons who regularly travel by helicopter to any of the following installations or facilities:

  • offshore rig/installation
  • floating production vessel
  • support vessel
  • In an emergency the operations technician would:
  • escape from an inverted and/or submerged helicopter  don and successfully employ a life jacket
  • deploy safety and emergency equipment
  • deploy life rafts.

Learners will gain the following Statement of Attainments for successful completion of the course;

  • PMAOHS214B Undertake helicopter safety and escape

Call for further information

  • PUAFIR209B Work safely around aircraft
  • HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid
  • Crew Resourse Management
  • Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS)

The standard RSS Work safely around aircraft course  duration totals 8 hours of learning consist of the following breakdown;
6 hours face to face delivery

Course costs is $630.00 Per/Person
(Course minimums apply to this course) Travel and accommodation to remote locations is not included in the above figure.

Your work site is our classroom, we bring the training team to you. For on-site HUET course RSS utilises a local community pool to conduct the water based training.

This course is 90% practical; learners will be assessed via the pre-course learning and via the practical scenarios through out the duration of the course
The following assessment tasks are required for this course:

  •   8 written questions
  •   50 Multiple choice
  •   Simulated emergency scenario’s

For more information about our Remote Area First Aid course please feel free to give us a call on 0431 248 389 or email [email protected]