• CHS - Silver Duke of Edinburghs Qualifying Journey
    14 September, 2017 - 16 September, 2017
    5:45 am - 6:00 pm

Your Guides For This Program

  • Lizzy Riley
    Lizzy started her career in the Outdoors as a trainee in Outdoor Education of which has taken her all over NSW working as an Outdoor Facilitator and Instructor.

Crestwood High School – Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Internation Award
SILVER EXPEDITION – 14th to 16th of September

Remote Safety Solutions has been contracted by Crestwood High School to coordinate and run their 2017 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Expeditions. Please find important information below about your child’s adventurous journey. Please ensure that you take the time to accurately and honestly complete the required data fields. Accurate medical data is important in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency occurring while on the program.


This year’s silver practice program will run out of Turon National Park just west of Lithgow. Turon is a terrific spot to settle down and get in touch with the elements, admiring goannas during the day and watching wallabies wander through at dusk. Students will be in small groups between 5 – 7 working as a team to successfully navigate the surrounding terrain. Using a number of ridgelines, creeks and other terrain features to complete 3 challenging but rewarding routes over the 3 days. To successfully complete the planned route your child will need to show determination, decision making, team work and a range of other skills to select and execute smart route planning through untracked natural terrain.


Participate in an adventurous expedition. This activity satisfies the requirements for the adventurous and challenging expedition requirement of the Award.


This expedition is both physically and mentally challenging to participants. Each day participants will hike up to 12 kilometers carrying their hiking pack and all their equipment. Student participants are encouraged to begin to develop their fitness in anticipation of the physical requirements. This should include weekly walks carrying their hiking packs and wearing walking shoes /boots.


Thursday the 14th of September 2017

  • 0545am Students Arrive
  • 0500 – 0900.   Students travel to Turon National Park
  • 0900 – 1000.   Student briefing and route planning
  • 1000 – 1700    Hike along nominated route
  • 1700 – 1800    Set up camp
  • 1800 – 1900    Evening meal and clean up
  • 1900 – 2130    Campfire
  • 2130                  Lights out

Friday the 15th of September 2017

  • 0630 – 0730     Breakfast, break camp
  • 0730 – 0800     Clean campsite
  • 0800 – 1700    Hike along nominated route
  • 1700 – 1800    Set up camp
  • 1800 – 2000   Student Talk – Risk Management (making sound judgments)
  • 2130                  Lights out

Saturday the 16th of September 2017

  • 0630 – 0730     Breakfast, break camp, pack up
  • 0730 – 0800     Clean campsite
  • 0800 – 1400    Hike along nominated route
  • 1400 – 1800    Travel from Turon to Crestwood
  • 1800                  Arrive back at Crestwood High School

The expedition will not be postponed because of forecast ‘unsettled’ weather. However, in the event of a forecast for unseasonably very bad weather or a  Weather Warning is in place encompassing the program venue, the expedition may be postponed to ensure participant safety.


Your child using the right gear is instrumental in ensuring they have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. If you’re unsure whether your child’s equipment is appropriate to this program please feel free to call us for clarification If you are purchasing equipment make sure that it is appropriate and will withstand the high use and harsh environments that these programs take place in. To purchase equipment that meets these requirements please check out our Online Equipment Store. As an RSS Program Client, you are entitled to up to a 40% discount on items using the following code CHS2017. The items are delivered to the school prior to the program for your child to pick up.

  • All necessary items of equipment must be taken and carried on the expedition.
  • The RSS equipment check list can be found here – Student Equipment Checklist – Silver
  • Each candidate will be responsible for planning and preparing their own meals. At least one day’s emergency rations should be carried by participants. Download the sample menu – Expedition Menu Planning – Silver
  • Remote Safety Solutions will supply each student with a map and compasses for use while on program ( a lost or damaged compass will be charged to the student upon return to school) Compass $55.00, Map cases $20.00.
  • Water purification MUST be carried by all students, water will be collected via natural creeks and this water will require purification.
  • Candidates should start off with at least three full water bottles. In dry weather periods, water can be difficult to source so this is a minimum amount.
  • Cold and wet weather equipment/clothing is essential to ensure the safety of participants and must be carried, as the weather is variable.
  • Camera is optional
  • Emergency communication and first aid equipment along with satellite tracking will be carried by each RSS staff member while on the program.
  • Students must be at Crestwood High School by 5:45 am Thursday morning
  • Pick up will be approximately 600pm Saturday evening. Students will contact you via phone by 5:00 pm  if there is a variation to the pickup time.
  • Participants must be on time.
  • We will leave without you as bus times and walking times must be adhered to in order to arrive at campsites before night.
  • Please ensure you monitor traffic conditions and that arrangements are made for a prompt pickup of participants.
Mobile Phone Usage

Phone coverage at the program venue can be poor or not at all. Students are allowed to bring their phones while on the program but are not allowed to use them unless in the event of an emergency situation. Students found to be using their phone while on the program may be asked to justify the usage and if determined not appropriate by the school’s Duke of Award coordinator or RSS staff the student may be deemed as Not Yet Competent for the program.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Outdoor Recreation Manager at [email protected]

Please select the “Register” button at the top of this page to register your child.


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